Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Goonies Puma Disc Blaze

"A favorite for any kid growing up in the 90s, The Goonies featured a slightly believable story with just enough fiction to spark the interest of a younger generation. From the gadgetry of Data, the unforgettable grotesque figure known as Sloth and the heroics of the secret Goonies society, this 1985 classic forms the basis for this Puma Disc Blaze. Few details are known about this release, however the design itself incorporates some familiar imagery with a skull motif along the upper and the use of hemp."
Now if you read this blog you would have seen my rant about 1980's shoe collaborations, well that rant does not apply to the 90's! I loved the Goonies and it is one of those timeless classics of the era, not only that, puma disc's are a very underated sneaker, comfy, different and not hyped up by weekend sneakerheads so this is is a shoe I will definately be after.

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